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Serving richest coffee to the locals since 2017

The Rail are design to give you a classic and vintage feeling, also provides you a friendly environment where all member of our staff are there and ready to look after you.

The Rail Cafe is open 7 days a week from 5:00am to 4:00pm so during the warmer months many guests like to sit outside with a nice cold drinks or the famous Iced Coffee while the kids have a milkshake and some hot chips for an afternoon snack.

A Few Words About Us

The Rail Cafe was established in March 2017 in Richmond, follow by The Rail Cafe Marrickville a year later.

The vision was to create a space away from the main drag, a hideaway as such, where members of the local community could enjoy great quality food and beverages in a relaxing environment. “We are particularly focused on sourcing fresh ingredients and producing simple but excellent quality food. We are extremely proud of our staff, all of whom are local and the “vibe” they create within our café!”

At The Rail Cafe we like to constantly evolve our menu, usually seasonal, creating new and exciting dishes, while always maintaining our fresh food standards and keeping the ‘oldies but goodies’ such as our famous Chicken Schnitzel on the menu. We also have a great kids range and pride ourselves on being a family-friendly environment.

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Reth Hok

Founder / Head Chef

Rath Hok

Founder / Head Barista

Abigail Torres

Senior Barista


Lead Chef

Angeli T.